Kostenlose Logos und Wappen für Hattrick


Animated Hattrick Logos

Creating animated Cellphone wallpaperAnimated Logos for your Hattrickteams are favored. The size of this graphics are mostly bigger than normal images, but with the allowed 100kb from Hattrick are many animated Logos possible. (All Examples are under 100kb)

A good way to create animated Hattricklogos is to visit the Provider from Mobile / Cell phone Wallpapers. There are some Providers where you can create online your own Cell Phone Wallpaper.

Create Cell Phone WallpaperMostly there are templates for Cell Phone Screensavers- oder Wallpaper-logos, where you can type in your teamname or something other.

Try out some different Offerer so that you can choose the best grafic for your team.

animated Mobile Grafic

If you created the logo you can download the grafics with a right-click on the images. A nice secondary effect: If you like the image very well, send it to your mobile phone, so you can use it twice ;-)


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